Schumann et al. (2021). The Influence of Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback on Cardiac Regulation and Functional Brain Connectivity.

If you’re not aware, I’ve been working in the HRV Biofeedback space for serveral years with my Pranawave project. I found some really great science that backs up what I’ve been intuiting for years now… that resonance breathing uses bioacoustics to create a significant increase of blood flow between the body and brain!

Resonance breathing stimulates the vagal afferent into the Central Autonomic Network1, which enhances functional connectivity between the brainstem (body regulation)2, the limbic system (emotional/safety networks)3,4, and the prefrontal cortex (cognitive function)5. HRV biofeedback is a synergy of three positive changes in the body’s nervous system: baroreflex2, respiratory vagal afferent6, and cerebrovascular networks7.