SNL Church Lady holds coincidence sign with quercetin molecule

Previously I posted about hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and COVID-19. Yesterday I found two papers that explain how polyphenols (plant-based antioxidants) play their important function of protecting cells from damage by oxidizing H2S into polysulfide chains.1,2 I have also been finding lots of reviews about COVID therapies with quinone-related structures (oxygen molecules hanging from a benzene ring) like thymoquinone (found in Nigella black seed oil),3 quercetin4 and other flavonoids;5,6 as well as drugs with aryl β-hydroxy-carbonyl motifs like doxycycline and niclosamide.7 Even the notorious Ivermectin has one of these motifs, as well as being full of weird heterocyclic oxygen structures.

“This structural motif is resident in a large number of diverse biological natural products isolated from plants, fungus and bacteria, and it is resident in multiple approved medicines across a variety of therapeutic categories.8

I can’t say for sure if it’s a meaningful connection, but it sure sees to be an interesting coincidence!