I love the 80's nostalgia of this
classic book cover. Click the image to
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The Biocircuit is a fascinatingly simple yet mysterious device that uses wires to connect positive and negative electrical poles of the body. It was invented by Leonard E. Eeman over 100 years ago. In the late 80’s it was repopularized by Leslie and Terry Patten, owners of the old Tools for Exploration catalog based in Marin County, California (Fun backstory: I used to read TFE as a kid and drool over the cool brain machines and tachyon power beads that were way too expensive for me to buy with my weekly allowance for lunch money. Now I’m one of those weirdos making stuff like that! 😜).

one handle in hand, one handle tucked in sock

I have developed two versions of the biocircuit:

  • A powerful full-body mat with copper/carbon handles.
  • A more portable but less powerful version of “criss-cross” cables, forming a symmetric Lindemann circuit between the hands and feet (shown on image at left).

Here’s a tri-fold brochure I made to go along with the mat:

PS Lest you think this is complete woo, bear in mind that electrical potentials can be measured on the body by a sensitive electrometer (see image below). There was even a double-blind pilot study done on Biocircuits. Don’t knock it until you try it 😋

And for fun, here are the biocircuit pages of Tools for Exploration from 1992.