The Life Pillow contains a rare blend of elements designed to attract, absorb, and radiate life-giving energy. This harmonizing function is thought to polarize particles from unhealthy chaotic spin to healthy spin angle.

Celtic triskelion

Some ideas for use:
  • Place on your body where there is pain or swelling.
  • Wave slowly over food or drink to clear and bless it – some folks swear this enhances the taste!
  • Nap or meditate with it on your chest or forehead.

Inspired by the research of Dr. Ethel Starbard-Webb, the crystalline minerals come from land and sea (the unique smell comes from seaweed) and have been charged by the elements of nature. Though not required, you can boost its power by recharging in the sun every few weeks. It can even be microwaved, to warm up as a heating pack.