Pranawave is an HRV biofeedback tool that highlights the operator’s respiratory sinus arrythmia in order to train resilience in the nervous system. It operates on the principle of resonance – just like rubbing a glass goblet can make it sing, “rubbing” your nervous system with the breath, in just the right way, can create waves of blood and lymph across the brain and body. It could be likened to going to the gym to work out your vagus nerve! Because of this, I named the score NeuroFlex.

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A little background: Pranawave was born as “anti-inspiration” from HeartMath (an organization which has good intentions but I disagree with their pseudo-scientific framing), and also inspired by instantaneous time graph of the now-extinct Stress Eraser device (though it lives on in lesser glory as the mobile app Stress Eraser Pro).